Mainstream Media Manufactures NEW Hoax

Image credit: Deadline

When will this end?

During a recent airing of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough claimed that there was a “money connection” between President Donald Trump and hydroxychloroquine which is why he keeps pushing its medical benefits.

According to Breitbart, Scarborough stated, “it makes no sense to continue to push” hydroxychloroquine when “every medical professional says it doesn’t work.”

“We’re up to 150,000 people [dead] and you still have, from the White House, just complete idiocy,” Scarborough said. “You have the president running around doing fundraisers without a mask in a crowd of people. You have him retweeting a woman that’s talking about demons and other bizarre things, mocking masks, talking about hydroxychloroquine, which [Dr. Scott] Gottlieb and just about every other medical professional says it does not work on this disease. It doesn’t work. I don’t know who’s making money, right, but follow the money. We said it from the very beginning. Follow the money. For somebody to continue to bring up hydroxychloroquine, you have to ask, what’s the money connection? Because it makes no sense to continue to push a drug as the president continues to do, that doesn’t work, that every medical professional says doesn’t work, that the top scientists in America say doesn’t work. It continues.”

You can watch a clip of Scarborough’s comments here.