Bernie Sanders Receives WORST News Yet

Image credit: Times of San Diego

Things are not looking good…

Recently on MSNBC, Democratic strategist James Carville officially called on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to end his 2020 presidential run.

According to Brietbart, Carville stated, “We can’t ditch these Democratic voters who are coming out saying, let’s get on with this thing. Our mission is to defeat Donald Trump. There’s a 99 [percent] chance that Vice President Biden is going on the nominee. Let’s shut this puppy down, and let’s move on and worry about November. This thing is decided. There’s no reason to keep it going, not even a day longer.”

He then said, “It’s the Democratic voters that made this decision. Vice President Biden is not trying to force him out. You’ve got to respect voters.”

Adding, “Respect the people in South Carolina and Virginia and Michigan and all the places they’re working. Yes, they have to have respect for democracy. This is very clear what Democrats around the country are saying. Just everywhere that you go, we’ve got to get rid of this guy. What are we doing? And these are not ordinary times, and we’ve got to go. Of course, the vice president, he’s the guy in the lead. He’s got to take the lead here. We’ve got to bring this party together. We’ve got to stop this. This is not to any avail to continue this thing any longer. It really isn’t. We can have respect, and we can have admiration for what Senator Sanders and his supporters have accomplished, but you’ve got to respect the Democratic voters … This is what this is about. The Democratic voters have spoken. They’ve spoken unambiguously and clearly, and they need to be listened to. ”

Carville finished with, “No Democrat wants this to go on. Our voters have made a determination. Vice President Biden should call Senator Sanders and say, ‘Let’s have a conversation here, Senator. What do we do to get this thing moving in the right direction?’” You can watch a clip of Carville’s comments here.