Liberal HACK Takes Cheap Shot On Unwell Trump

Image credit: NBC News

This is just shameful.

Recently on NBC, host Chuck Todd suggested that President Trump contracting coronavirus could have been a good thing and might urge more conservatives to “wear a mask”.

According to Breitbart, Todd stated, “If there’s any good news to come from the unsettling news the president of the United States has been infected with the coronavirus, it is this, perhaps the Americans who have flouted this advice to take the virus seriously and wear a mask may now take this seriously. This happening that with colder weather will lead to another deadly wave of the pandemic.”

Adding, “Yesterday the White House offered a far less upbeat report on Mr. Trump’s condition than his doctors did, creating public confusion and further doubts about whether we can trust what this administration ever tells us. There are still many questions to be answered, can, and should vice president campaign while Mr. Trump is hospitalized? Will there be more presidential debates, and if so, will they be in person?”

You can watch a clip of Todd’s comments here.