Ted Cruz’s POWERFUL Message Following Ginsburg’s Death

Image credit: WSLS 10 News

Here’s what he had to say…

During a recent appearance on Fox, Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) urged President Trump to hurry up and nominate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor by next week and have Senate confirm the new nominee before the election.

According to Breitbart, Cruz stated, “I believe that the president should, next week, nominate a successor to the court. And I think it is critical that the Senate takes up and confirms that successor before Election Day. There’s going to be enormous pressure from the media. There’s going to be enormous pressure from Democrats to delay filling this vacancy. But this election — this nomination is why Donald Trump was elected. This confirmation is why the voters voted for a Republican majority in the Senate. And I’ll tell you one reason in particular, Sean, why I think it is tremendously important that not only does the nomination happen next week, but that the confirmation happen before Election Day: Because Democrats and Joe Biden have made clear, they intend to challenge this election, they intend to fight the legitimacy of the election. … And we cannot have Election Day come and go with a 4-4 court. A 4-4 court that is equally divided cannot decide anything, and I think we risk a constitutional crisis if we do not have a nine-justice Supreme Court, particularly when there is such a risk of a contested litigation — and a contested election.”

You can watch a clip of Cruz’s comments here.