Trump-Hating Governor CRIPPLES Own State

Image credit: BBC

She is willing to do anything to attack Trump.

According to Breitbart News, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is refusing to deploy the national guard in Portland stating that they will rely on their “trained law enforcement.”

Brown stated, “other states…used the National Guard for a very limited period of time.”

She added, “In terms of Oregon, I’m relying on our trained law enforcement. The Superintendent of the State Police, Travis Hampton, the Portland Police Chief, Chuck Lovell, Travis — Superintendent Hampton would say that A. We don’t need the National Guard at this time, and B. That they are not trained for this work.”

She continued, “What we need on the ground is trained law enforcement. And that’s why I created the uniform law enforcement plan, to bring both local and state officials together behind a plan to keep people safe and to protect free speech rights.” You can watch a clip of Brown’s remarks here.