Tucker Carlson Puts CNN On BLAST

Image credit: YouTube

CNN hates America.

Recently, Fox’s Tucker Carlson opened fire on CNN for intentionally not bringing up China in a lengthy interview with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

According to Breitbart, Carlson stated, “Yesterday, CNN aired a 16-minute interview with the Commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver. In cable news time, that’s eternity and they needed it because there’s a lot to discuss with Silver, not least the NBA’s long and very close relationship with the communist government of China, the government that’s sending minorities to reeducation camps, and facilitating slave labor.”

Carlson then said, “But those questions never got asked. Instead, a cascade of softballs.”

Adding, “How two powerful people get a pass from the media? Simple. By being woke. The NBA painted Black Lives Matter on its courts. It allows its players to kneel for the National Anthem giving the finger to the country that made this sport possible.”

You can watch a clip of Carlson’s comments here.