Tucker Carlson TORCHES Pelosi For Attacking Trump

Image credit: The Times Leader

He totally nailed her!

Recently, Fox’s Tucker Carlson raised concerns about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mocking President Trump’s weight after he admitted to self medicating hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19.

According to Breitbart, Carlson stated, “Nancy Pelosi believes abortion is a sacred medical decision. It’s a choice that involves a woman and her doctor, and that’s it. Everyone else can shut up and applaud. But on the question of how to treat the coronavirus, Pelosi is happy to judge. After Trump announced his physician gave him a drug called hydroxychloroquine as protection against the virus, Pelosi exploded. This is one medical decision Pelosi does not believe should remain between a patient and a doctor.”

After displaying a photo of Pelosi, Carlson stated, “She turned 80-years old in March. Does she look 80? No. More like 37. If you guessed diet and exercise, we’re not going to argue with you because we don’t know for sure. And we don’t really want to know. But we would remind the Speaker of the House that people with glass faces should not throw stones.”

You can watch a clip of Carlson’s comments here.